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The Battery Technology Podcast

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Delivering regular 35-minute interviews with business leaders from across the Global Battery Industry.
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A world leading supplier of climate solutions for the future

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The Battery Technology Podcast delivers regular 35-minute episodes featuring a series of high-quality interviews with business leaders from across the key battery industry topics.

In each episode we cover specific topics of interest to the industry, including raw material supply, the latest developments in electrochemistry, control and precision in the manufacturing phase, the battle for talent and testing, all the way through to battery recycling technology.

Hosted by Ken Davies, a Chemical Engineer with extensive industrial experience and the producer of a series of successful podcasts with over 750,000 downloads in 2023, The Battery Technology Podcast is a must listen for all Battery Technology professionals.

Advertising within The Battery Technology Podcast is host-read, fitting naturally into the narrative flow of the podcast. It is the perfect way to connect with a “difficult to reach” audience – battery technology professionals busy building the technology of the future.

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